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Welcome to Dorchester County! We are a family-owned and operated business based right here in Dorchester County on Maryland's Eastern Shore. We have offered packaged Dorchester County tours for more than 15 years to bus companies, travel organizations, senior centers, AARP chapters, church groups, and many other groups who are interested in learning about what Dorchester County has to offer!

About Us

Sawyer Tours, LLC is a family-run operation, with Captain Dave Schauber, his daughter Kelley, and his son David Schauber, Jr. Even though our primary business is in packaged tours of Dorchester County, it didn't start out that way. We started out in the charter fishing industry, taking people fishing on the Chesapeake Bay, in search of rockfish, bluefish, and other species. We also did lighthouse cruises, ecological tours, and trips to various destinations along the Chesapeake aboard one of the premier charter boats on the bay. The business began in the early 1990s as a part-time charter fishing outfit, and as the clientele grew, the boats got bigger. As the boats got bigger, they were able to accommodate more people at the same time, which led to the creation of our tour business in 2002. Since then, the tour business has steadily grown, hitting sales records each year since 2012. However, with Captain Dave's recent health issues, we made the difficult decision to sell the boat in 2019. In spite of that, we continue to offer land-based packaged tours of Dorchester County, primarily through the efforts of Dave Jr.

Capt. Dave Schauber

Capt. Dave Schauber 

Capt. Dave Schauber was born and raised on Maryland's Eastern Shore, and has lived here all his life. While he has fished on the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries his entire life, he spent 30 years operating sawmills for a living. After relocating to Dorchester County in 1981 to run another sawmill, he quickly became known as "The Sawyer," and is still locally known as that to this day. This is how our current business got its name.

After moving to Dorchester County, he fished in the middle Chesapeake Bay and all of its tributaries in the area. He started out with small center-console boats, and eventually worked his way up to a 42-foot Bay-built vessel. He obtained his Captain's License in 1992, and began running fishing charters on the weekends and on his days off. After several years of building up his clientele, he left the sawmill business behind for good and started running fishing charters full-time in 1999. His business continued to grow, leading to the 2002 construction of a 52-foot vessel that was certified to carry up to 41 passengers. With this added capacity, he made the decision to diversify the business into packaged tours, which has been a great success!

Our Current Vessel, The Sawyer 

Unfortunately, due to recent health issues, Capt. Dave made the difficult decision to sell our boat in 2019. However, thanks to a lung transplant later that summer, he is still going strong! Our tour business is also still strong, as we continue providing land-based packaged tours of our area.

Kelley Schauber

Kelley Schauber has been involved in our tour business since it started in 2002, when she was just five years old. During the summers, she would accompany her mother, who worked as the tour guide, and learned at an early age how to interact and engage with a diverse group of customers.

This early experience proved invaluable in 2014, when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to take a break from doing the tours. Kelley stepped right in and did a great job over the next four summers, working as the step-on tour guide.

In the summer of 2018, she worked for J.P. Morgan Chase in New York City as an intern. In 2019, she graduated with a finance degree at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. She has since gotten married and is now working for an asset management firm in Philadelphia!

David Schauber, Jr.

If you call or email us to book your upcoming tour, then you'll most likely be communicating with Dave Jr. While Dave Jr. has lived all over the country, including Utah, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, he is originally from the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

As a boy, he worked for his father at the sawmill, as well as on the boat whenever needed. He graduated from Cambridge-South Dorchester High School in 1996, and obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from Brigham Young University in 2000. He then went on to achieve his Master's degree from the world-renowned Polymer Engineering program at the University of Akron in 2002.

From there, he worked in the plastics industry in Pennsylvania for five years. After having had enough of that, he returned to his roots on the Eastern Shore in 2007 to help run his father's business, and has been here ever since. He currently takes care of all customer service functions, as well as the accounting, advertising, and all of the other day to day business functions. In addition to those responsibilities, he currently serves as the step-on tour guide for our packaged tours. 

His biggest hobby is the stock market, where he has been active for more than 20 years. He also works in the school bus business.

Support Small, Local Business

When you book a group tour with us, you are not supporting a vast conglomerate with operations all over the country and beyond. You are supporting a small family business that has worked extremely hard to become the success that it is today, and continues to work hard to ensure that its clientele has a great day on the Shore! Give us a call or shoot us an email to book your group tour today!

Thanks for your support!

- The Schauber Family


Sawyer Tours, LLC

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